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  • Valentino Handbags Outlet of Riccardo
    I've always been a fan Valentino Handbags Outlet of Riccardo and his vision, way before we worked together at Burberry. Less statement-y than its poker-straight companion although the two go hand in hand, middle parts can update any look. I obsessively take care of the study of details of craftsmanship and the processing of hides, says Walter Chiapponi, creative director of the brand. The late...
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  • Moncler Sale for the recycling
    Taking full advantage of the infinite creative possibilities of the metaverse, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana adorned their pieces with gems inspired by real jewels that can no longer be found on earth, most notably in The Impossible Tiara. Art and design is an integral part of me. I did lots of things like dance and theatre, but my family is made up of mostly engineers-so there is always...
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  • Valentino Handbags Outlet selections
    But when I do take some time for myself and go on a holiday, I don't take books with me anymore because I want to force myself to just do nothing. We're part of a culture where we don't really allow ourselves to just switch off-we're constantly on our phones, checking emails, checking social media etc. Knowing how passionate she is about her own brand, and knowing everything that she puts into...
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