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About Us

The educational process at our school is directed towards the preparation of generations of character, faith, and wisdom to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. We pride ourselves on educating the young to have a strong spiritual life based on their faith in the Lord, a mastery of science and technology and being able to develop competences in problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Our commitment is to educate the young people to have a balance of social-emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development by giving an excellent educational experiences. Our programmes are designed to guide the children to develop these four aspects simultaneously. We emphasize character building in our teaching and learning process. The teaching methodology is used to enhance the students creativity and independence. Our goal is to help prepare individuals with character, faith and wisdom to be the world-transforming generations.

Job description:


Job qualification:

Karyawan tetap
Punya pengalaman sebagai Supervisor lebih disukai
Pendidikan Minimal S1
Umur Maksimal 30 tahun
Punya jiwa Leadership, suka kerja team
Pintar dalam bernegosiasi dan Lobbying
Fasilitas yang akan di dapat : Gaji tetap, Bonus penjualan, uang Transport, Uang pulsa, Uang sewa kendaraan, Uang kesehatan (BPJS dan Asuransi swasta)
Bersedia bekerja di daerah kota dan kab Bekasi