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Development Class / Special Need Teacher (PLB)

About Us

VISION "The best institution of Islamic education in a global era" MISSION To develop students who will be able to stand up and get acknowledgement at a global stage while retaining their Islamic and national identity To create a safe environment for students to grow and learn by building a caring and compassionate community To be an institution that contributes to the betterment of the neighbourhood, the society, the nation and the world at large To be the center of excellence in education with a national and an international profile GOALS To build and develop a broad minded Islamic character with international perspective, without neglecting national heritage. Stimulating student to be active contributor for the greater good of mankind and environment.

Job description:

Development Class (DC) Mutiara Harapan Islamic School, merupakan divisi yang memberikan layanan yang diperuntukan untuk anak-anak Berkebutuhan Khusus (ABK). saat ini membutuhkan pendidik profesional untuk mengajar di level Primary dan Junior High Class,

Job qualification:

OPEN RECRUITMENT FOR : Special Teacher, Sarjana Pendidikan Khusus (S1 PLB) Requirement : 1) Bersedia mendidik anak berkebutuhan khusus dengan sepenuh hati 2) Memiliki kemampuan basic Bahasa Inggris yang baik 3) Pengalaman mengajar diatas 2 tahun 4) Mampu bekerjasama, kreatif, dan inspiratif