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Preschool Teacher

About Us

Sekolah Stella Mundi offers a premium education service that is developmentally and culturally appropriate for children aged 18 months to 12 years (early learning and primary school). We are a new school in Renon, Denpasar and our mission is to provide a first-class and holistic educational experience for every student in our school. We offer Australian Early Years Curriculum for our Early Learning Centre; and Cambridge subjects English, Mathematics and Science alongside the Indonesian national curriculum for our Primary. We also aim to equip our students with real-life skills like resilience, creativity, problem solving and manners, so they may grow to become well-rounded, successful leaders of tomorrow. Our core values are respect, caring, collaboration and support. The following standards of conduct are expected of staff, children, families and any others who contribute in any way to the educational program at Stella Mundi. To show respect, we will: Respect the dignity and rights of each child, family member and member of staff; Encourage respect for the environment through our own behaviour and our education program; Model and encourage acceptance of the individuality of each child and family and their cultural and social backgrounds and beliefs. To demonstrate caring, we will: Build an environment where children, families and staff know and care about each other; Utilise a guidance approach to behaviour teaching and management, with consistent expectations and consequences supporting the behaviour choices children make; Use language that demonstrates friendliness, kindness and courtesy. To engage in collaboration, we will: Facilitate open and honest communication and trust between staff, children and families; Encourage families to participate in all aspects of children’s learning; Involve the child in planning activities and other decisions that involve them. To provide support, we will: Endeavour to foster high self-esteem in each individual child by understanding and valuing their thoughts and achievements; Facilitate relationships between staff and families based on trust and cooperation; Ensure that staff and families engage constructively and supportively for the child’s benefit if a problem is suspected or identified.

Job description:

Responsibilities: 1. Master and deliver curriculum founded on the centre’s philosophies 2. Create positive learning environments including resources based on child-directed learning 3. Develop strategies to guide positive children’s behaviour 4. Build good, open communication with children, families, and staff 5. Observe and record children’s growth, development, and behaviour using electronic portfolios 6. Ensure the learning environment is clean, hygienic, and safe 7. Help develop teaching goals for the centre and its teacher 8. Undertake administrative task as required 9. Manage school events relating to the class.

Job qualification:

Job Requirements: 1. Minimum degree in education (early learning) and/or equivalent education / training 2. Language Required: English and Indonesia (especially writing and speaking) 3. Must be disciplined, energetic, patient, creative, and love children 4. Able to work well together in teams and have a strong desire to learn new things.