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Social Teacher

About Us

As part of the initiative to rebuild Mawar Sharon Christian Schoo'sl badly shaken nation, we took small steps in strengthening the pillar of life from the 7 Pillars that have social impact: Religion, Government, Education, Media, Art & Culture, Family, and Business.

Job description:

• Prepare for teaching the subject of Social (Unit Plan, Assessments, Project Cover Sheet, Quiz, Written Test, Handouts, Assignments, etc)
• Being able to understand and constantly update the needs and development of the students
• Making analysis and evaluation of learning outcomes of the students

Job qualification:

• Having a desire to serve the Lord and support MSCS vision and mission
• Bachelor degree in the relevant field of study (preferebly in Social/Humanities)
• Experience required minimum 1 year
• Men or Woman at 22-40 years old
• English proficiency and experience in similar fields will be beneficial
• Honest, teamwork, good communication skills, open minded, resourceful, energetic
• Will be based in Surabaya