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About Us

WHO WE ARE ? was launched in March 2017 in Tangerang, Indonesia. It’s a new start-up online company that intend to connect educators at various levels (K-12 and higher educational institutions), and at the same time, provide platform for educators to search latest job vacancies, as well as for employers to share available vacancies in their organizations. It’s one of the first companies of its’s kind in Indonesia and also South East Asia region – that combine social media platform and also job recruitment services specifically dedicated for educators. Why is focusing on educators ? Because Teaching profession is very unique as compared to other professions. Our team are combinations of experts in human resources, ex-educators and also international education consultant who have wide experience in the education industry in this region. We understand the expectations, needs and challenges of both educators and educational institutions. Mission Empower and raise the profile of Teaching profession to stand as high as other top professions in the world. To achieve this, will inspire and support educators through unique services provided to them. What services that we offer? Platform for educators to connect with other educators and share information, documents, blogs, news, event related to education etc. Become a hub for educators at various levels, as well as related management professions to search for job vacancies on our website. Platform for various type of educational institutions from K-12, as well as higher educational institutions to post job vacancies on our website Provide online professional development trainings and certifications for educators

Job description:

Melakukan kegiatan marketing
Mempersiapkan tools marketing
Membuat laporan

Job qualification:

Pendidikan minimal S1
Wanita usia max 27 tahun
Berpenampilan menarik, kreatif, dan inovatif
Memiliki kepribadian dan kemampuan interpersonal yang baik
Memiliki Public Speaking yang baik
Memahami Technology savvy
Memahami Social Media
Menguasai bahasa inggris secara lisan dan tulisan (Lebih diutamakan)
Mampu bekerja sendiri maupun tim
Bersedia bekerja di Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan