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Head of Department (English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indo

About Us

Why would you choose this school for your children? Or for yourself? Our Motto is “Learning for Life” and in the 21st century when everything is changing at a faster pace than it has ever changed before, it is very important to learn how to LEARN: to learn the skills that will see you through the next few decades. Good student-teacher ratio. With over 60 teaching staff and around 450 students, our students are engaged, motivated and cared for at all levels. With a bi-focal curriculum that allows students to study for both international and Indonesian qualifications; the balance shifts as necessary to accommodate each one at different times throughout the 16 years of schooling. And a tri-lingual approach. Our students learn in English throughout their time at Kingston, but they also learn how to use the English language successfully, and they learn Mandarin from Pre-Nursery, and Bahasa Indonesia from K-1. A child who stays at Kingston throughout his schooling leaves with a thorough grounding in these three important languages. Inquiry-based learning styles. The International Primary Curriculum and the IGCSE examinations are both founded on a teaching style that requires students to think, to analyse and to ask questions, not solely to memorise. Safe and secure campus with a beautiful green view over a golf course. A wide range of After School Activities. After the timetabled day ends, most students stay on at school for another 45 minutes or more to participate in ECA, or Bimbingan to support the national Examinations in Years 6 and 9, or to receive special help in English, Bahasa or Math. Opportunities to extend and develop skills in a variety of ECA’s (Extra Curricula Activities) such as Traditional or Modern Dance, Art Attack, Choir, Indonesian Culture, Cooking, Chess, Movie Club, Infographics, Muay Thai, Sports, Aerobics. Opportunities to present to groups, classes, sections and the whole school in a variety of planned events such as role play, assemblies, competitions, performances, celebrations. This builds confidence and the skill of presenting ideas successfully to others. At an all-age school, students are always in contact with others of different ages and sizes, and develop a sense of care and consideration for others older and younger. We are all Kingstonians, members of the Kingston family. Large, clean, well-maintained classrooms, bathrooms, canteen and hallways.

Job description:

Responsible to: Principal and Assistant Principal
Job Purpose:
• To manage and develop their subject area, ensuring all criteria are met for successful delivery of the curriculum at all ages
• To ensure students are well prepared for public examinations through liaison with Kepseks and Assistant Principals

Responsibilities and Duties, additional to those of Teacher

1) To maintain a working knowledge of curriculum documents and developments, especially IGCSE changes.
2) To be ultimately responsible for planning, delivery and revision of Schemes of Work in accordance with school policies, in discussion with subject teachers, and to ensure that teachers follow these Schemes of Work.
3) To build a sense of teamwork and collaboration between department members, fostering departmental pride and identity.
4) To liaise with APs to oversee logical progression and minimal overlap from Pre-school to Primary, Primary to Secondary and Secondary to Pre-University, in their subject area.
5) To lead and support the teaching of other members of the faculty in a cross curricular learning environment, liaising with other HoDs to look for areas of collaboration.
6) To check and comment on Lesson Plans in their department area on a weekly basis, and report back to the Principal.
7) To oversee provision and maintenance of attractive and stimulating environments in which to foster effective teaching and learning.
8) To advise the Principal on resources throughout their Department
9) To ensure teachers are providing for ESL students, more able students and those requiring additional support.
10) To oversee and promote a weekly Drop-in Clinic in their subject area to support students who have a weakness, special needs, or special interest.
11) To help and assist in ECA (English subject).
12) To vet and proof read the English related documents such as Semester Report cards ’comments, The content of school Excalibur, Semester examination papers etc.
13) To provide pastoral care for weaker students.

Job qualification: