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Part Time Math Tutor - Jakarta Utara, Bekasi & Cibubur

About Us

Bimbingan belajar Matematika terbaik di Indonesia dengan Produk Pembelajaran “Shinkenzemi” dari Jepang. Membuat sistem belajar dan mengajar terbaik yang mengadaptasi metode belajar mengajar di Jepang dengan standar kurikulum yang berlaku di Indonesia.

Job description:

This position is for the young & bright Fresh Graduate with education background any major especially Mathematics or a student in their final year of study who are willing to start pursuing career in educational area.

Currently we are seeking people, who are enthusiastic in education, to working together with us, improving education in Indonesia as:

Job qualification:

Requirement :
You have at least 1 year of teaching experience.
The working hour is flexible within 2 – 7 PM for Monday – Friday and 8 AM – 2 PM for Saturday.
You are also allowed to choose the nearest Shinkenjuku branches to teach (Please kindly visit our website to check our existing branches location).

You must be someone who are passionate in education, especially on math to apply for this position. And you also must be patient and enjoy interacting with children to enjoy being in this position.
If you want to actively contribute to Indonesian educational improvement, come and join us in Shinkenjuku!