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Teachin.id Conference ( 27-28 November 2021 ) Education is the main aspect in determining the success of a nation. The quality of Human Resources is also determined by the quality of education. In its development, of course, education has increased, especially in the digital world in this education 5.0 period. This of course then leaves a polemic in the world of education which requires educators to improve personal competence while taking advantage of the facilities that have been provided.Still in the same corridor, schools as educational institutions are required to provide quality learning so that learning achievement points can be conveyed to the maximum and of course produce superior generations who are able to face the opportunities and challenges that exist. In connection with the above, we from Teachin.id propose a collaboration, one of which is TEACHIN CONFERENCE LET'S JOIN US ON TEACHIN.ID CONFERENCE AND GET OPPORTUNITY TO WIN DOORPRIZE AND FREE E-SERTICATE FOR ALL REGISTERS REGISTRASI : https://bit.ly/TeachinConference2021 ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have any questions related to topics please let us know through online chat. Join our Group Telegram Teachin.id: http://bit.ly/TeachinTelegramGroup Social Media : Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube @teachin.id Website : www.teachin.id
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