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    Ummm we just got the game in NA some people didn't play JPN servers this entire time and now we're being told any progress we make in PSO2 Meseta the version we just got is going to be for nothing if you want to play the new game. Some of us are also spending some money in this type of the game. They should have just never released this current variant in NA and just waited until 2021 for this one. I would have never even started playing if I knew a new variant of a live service match was...
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    Do you havea manual for sallies?
    I've decided that I like playing Runescape and OSRS gold would rather never return to f2p, so I'm purchasing membership and this is where I need a bit of assistance. I've decided I need to be a variety pure and maybe add some thing in the future. So please answer any questions you can! I am beginning with nothing, as my previous accounts with all the cash on it had been created after the 25k commerce limit was set back into position. So what is the ideal ability to create a ton of money?...
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    Dual buns themselves arent bad
    Like I thought the entire notion of Animal Crossing Bells cultural appropriation is a neutral matter - hairstyles and style cross cultural lines all of the timeI feel as if it is only disrespectful if you're appropriating something together with cultural significance that isn't being respected. For people in a party that likes to disown their own extremists that they assist breed, they sure love latching onto controversies which let them discredit social justice issues like cultural...
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