The year before, NBA 2K included all teams' public announcement announcers' voices to the game. It's amazing to Cheap 2K MT hear the Mavericks public address announcer Sean Heath during the gameplay. It will make fans feel like they're at the American Airlines Center watching the Mavericks take on the Mavericks.

MyCareer's modes have completely altered the storyline from last year's game. The players have three choices to start their career. You can go to college, go to the G League, or jump straight to the NBA draft. I decided to go with through the G League route because I was interested to see whether it allowed me to choose between any of the G League franchises. Unfortunately, you get sent the G League Ignite team by default.

I'm shocked that they have decided that the city would be the primary hub for the career mode this year considering all criticisms NBA 2K got from players last year. Maybe they weren't able to find a better idea as a hub for this year and have decided to utilize the City again.

Fans can still visit the various stores to purchase clothing for your player. They've also added new clothing brands this season, so keep an eye out when they drop the new clothes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play this game because of a glitch in the PS5 version that I'm not able be in the middle of a lengthy discussion about what's new to this game mode.

NBA 2K22 is a very good video game overall, as the previous series have also been very good. I think PS5 as well as Xbox Series X owners should completely enjoy the game because of what is the best way to make MT on NBA 2K22 the upgraded graphics and the brand new My Player mode story alone.