In the crowded and ever-changing world of Bollywood, there is an alternative to glitzy film productions: Marathi Cinema. Like other types of films, it tells stories about the everyday lives of common people in a way that can be appreciated by everybody. the Court (2014) won the National Film Award for Best Film because it impressed people from all over India.

Marathi films are known for their simple storytelling, country flavor, and heart-warming storylines. Once you watch a Marathi film, you will surely fall in love with it.

Take note of these 5 beautiful Marathi movies: -


Barayan (2018):

Director: Deepak Patil

IMDB: 7.3/10

Star Cast: Kushal Badrike, Prarthana Behere, Nandu Madhav, Om Bhutkar, Sanjay Mone, Vandana Gupte, and others.

This beautiful story focuses on a young boy and his struggles and confusion to opt for a career. We all have crossed that age when we had to decide on our careers. Some parents just throw their decision on the kids and the kids either suffer or prosper. This movie has its heart at the right place and the characters are relatable. Plus, it ends with a message that we should always listen to our inner voice.

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Gavthi (2018):

Director: Anand Kumar

IMDB: 7.2/10

Star Cast: Shrikant Patil, Yogita Chavan, Nagesh Bhosale, Vandana Waknis, Gaurav More, Kishor Kadam, and others.

A son of a rural farmer who wants to go to Mumbai and work there forms the basic plot of this movie. It has shown the big social divide of rural and urban cultural behavior quite pragmatically. It’s also a story of promise, love, culture, and values and you will surely have an emotional ride with this one.

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Conditions Apply (2017):

Director: Girish Mohite

IMDB: 6.2/10

Star Cast: Subodh Bhave, Deepti Devi, Ashish Gokhale, and others.

This romantic comedy is worth your time. The story revolves around Abhay and Swara who don’t want to get married. With twists and turns, they come face to face and become enemies. Gradually that enmity then turns into a close friendship and more than that. Filled with casual comic moments, this one will make you laugh a lot.

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Asehi Ekada Vhave (2018):

Director: Sushruta Bhagwat

IMDB: 6.7/10

Star Cast: Umesh Kamat, Tejashree Pradhan, Kavita Lad, Chirag Patil, Sharvani Pillai, and others.

This movie is all about love and how that love is different among various couples. Some find it hard to express while some find happiness in suppressing it. It has all from possession to compassion, commitment to companionship. You will love this amazing tale of love.

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Zindagi Virat

Director: Sumit Sanghamitra

IMDB: 8.6/10

Star Cast: Om Bhutkar, Pravin Dalimbkar, Kshitish Date, and others.

This movie magnificently depicts the father-son relationship. With subtlety and honesty, this complex subject is handled and that will leave you with a tear-jerking yet happy experience. Santosh is depressed after his father passes away. It’s getting difficult for him to accept the reality. But once he learns about his dad’s last wish, he decides to fulfill that wish/desire at any cost. This leads to many wonderful moments that you will cherish.

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