I'd like to get better in runescape, like the great players with level 120. They have complete bandos OSRS Gold, and a godsword with thirty million in my bank. I have the full rune dragon long, helms of neit as well as about 200k and several other things. Now if you could please help me improve my skills at the game , tell me how I need to work on and how to earn money, I have to go to school so I dont have all day to hunt down 99 slayer or whatever. I need money, high-powered combat, and to help me.

A good way to train slayers is to do it in a manner that and not necessarily for 99, is a great way to get high combat and money. Do the quest monkey madness and replace your dragon longsword by a scimitar with a greater attack speed for not much less power. Also, you should consider buying complete void in order to strike more effectively in combat and therefore do tasks faster. Guthan's set is also useful in that it can heal you so you don't need food during tasks.

Uhh , I know what a sling is. you can purchase it from cows, too. Second cow kill I received an sling. The first kill was one of the airstaff. Questing is also a challenge for me. I'm terrible at the process of questing. I'm not aware of what quests to do or if they're long, I'm bored very easily. So basically questing for full rune armor or melee instruction is my only issue.

It isn't possible to turn money into more money. Just do herby runs, train profitable skills like hunter, fletch yew longs or anything similar. Someone said 99 fishing, this is probably the way to go Just make sure that you fish the rocktail angle between 90 and 99. Hell yes you can however, it's slow and a long road according to where you start and Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold how determined you are you could turn 1gp into 1B within a short period of time.