T lace wig is often referred to as another lace front wig, which is easy to use, realistic wig. Many black women have more than 75% of their vacation. How to melt Middle Part Lace Front Wig is what most women want to know, Ruiyu provides skills to help you create natural wigs, let's take a look.


What is t lace wig

Ruiyu's HD T lace wig is made from the Swiss lace as a substrate, and the ultrafine front region provides an unmeasureable hairline. You can't see the difference. The Middle Part Wig breathable, comfortable and invisible, can be fully integrated on dark women's dark scalp. It looks like a lace front wig, but can only separate your hair in the middle.


You can achieve some skills to make your hairline look natural, so that the Middle Part Frontal Wig is mixed with the scalp.


Clean up the hairline

After installing the wig, you need to use a towel or cotton swab to gestically wipe it around, because there is always a residual binder or glue.


  1. Produce baby hair


Many African American women work on wigs and looks magical. You can use scissors and toothbrushes to design baby hair at the hairline, so that it looks like a growing hair, the mix of baby hair looks like growing hair.


  1. Trim wig

If you want your hair to fit your face, trimming T lace wig is an ideal decision. The wigs received from the store may not consistent with the effect you expected, then you can design it. It has found a style that is almost completely in line with my usual style. You can trim to make it more matching. If you are worried about the effect of trim, get the hair to the salon, the hairdresser has a way to cut into a wig suitable for you.


I hope that you are interested in the skills shared by Ruiyu or help you, if there are more suggestions and sharing, I hope you can tell me on the following reviews.