As you're talking to OSRS gold him, Zamouregal teleports into the area with Lucien. Lucien attacks the king, and knights rush into the room. They are all destroyed with a single blow from Zamouregal. King Roald then drops to his knees and dies! You're angry and grieved by the reduction, so you assault Lucien, who's level 40.

Kill him and pick up the Seal of Zamorak he drops. Read the seal and it is going to discover the mysteries of Zamorak. Which will eventually lead you to the narrative of Saradomin. You need 10 air runes, mind and astral runes. Use them on the seal and you're going to find a Saradomin Seal, which you should also read.

As you wander out of this room, the Spirit Of Arrav talks with youpersonally, and he asks you to reserect him as you did with Wally. You tell him you don't have any item of his to resserect him with. He will provide you an Amulet of Arrav that permits you to speak with him. In addition, he says since the mystery of the gods have been discovered, use both seals, together with an object of Guthix and the Staff of Armadyl to revive the Gods to the ground to help with the struggle!

Head around to the Grand Tree and then Request the shield. Narnode will sadly say it has been stolen! You eventually figure out Glough took it, so go to his house and speak with him. After the converstation is over, he brings in a level 100 Ogre, and two level 37 assasins to attempt to buy RuneScape Mobile gold kill you. Kill all three of these and go down the steps to Glough, who's currently attackable. Attack him as he's only level 28 and will only try to kick you. He'll shed the Seal of Guthix and the Shield Of Arrav!