LPG CNG Switch is a switch that can switch gasoline mode and can control LPG and CNG. So what should we check for this kind of car?

  1. Check whether the installation of gas equipment and pipelines is reliable and whether there is any friction with other parts. 2. Check whether the gasoline pump (gasoline solenoid valve), gasoline pipes and joints are leaking; whether the joints, clamps and pipelines are reliable. 3. Check whether the rubber hose is rubbed and the sealing performance is reliable. 4. Check whether the installation of the gas cylinder and the tightening of the bolts are reliable. 5. Check and try to eliminate other faults reported by users.

Of course, we also need to maintain and maintain. Strengthening the inspection and maintenance of automobiles and compressed natural gas installations will have a positive effect on improving the technical performance of the installations and the service life of the line-length installations. The maintenance of compressed natural gas installations should go to designated maintenance stations or be operated by professionals. When disassembling the car, use a cotton cloth to block the pipe opening to prevent impurities from entering the pipe.

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