If you've got an extra 3-4 mil , buy OSRS gold one of the Berserker rings (do this prior to buying a fury imo). You'd be surprised at the amount people would spend to get an additional 4 str (22 mil for a tassy that has 2 , str). Costing 4 mil for a ring with 4 str is well worth it.

Whips are crashing while furys are in a tizzy with the Dfs. Those are only a few ive noticed in the last few days. Other things seem to be dropping at a higher pace than normal. The bgs is being crashing at a rapid rate too. Do I see things or is there a reason for these expensive armours and weapons to be breaking down? Even sharks are going down quite quickly, so i do not believe it's just for permanent items. Are you convinced?

Why prices fluctuate, in this case , they crash. People are now using fury-s and DFS-s. They get loot as well as are selling them, when they have more than demands the price will drop. There are a few items that drop check out the clue scroll rewards which are generally considerably higher than before. Some dropped, eg. the rune god's armor.

Prices of expensive items begin to fall because gamers sell them to pay for pking armors. This happened shortly after the New Old Wildy was released. BGS decreased a lot due to I believe you need to be aware of the reasons. (Weak specifications, which utilizes all of the energy that is spec in case you didn't know) The fishies, its not only a F2P update as Charizard has said. P2P also has them making the price of fish to plummet. There are P2P bots.

The cost of expensive armour is dropping because they do not get destroyed when they die in PvP no longer. When someone PKs full Bandos or somethingelse, they're going to sell it since they don't require it. Prior to the Bounty Hunter thing it would be destroyed and replaced with an insignificant amount of money. However, with Wildy PKing, expensive armour doesn't get destroyed, they transfer to buy 2007 runescape gold the PKer who has won the battle.