Vicera-3 activates the "slim gut switch", using a three-action formula. Viscera-3 activates the gut switch and can give you perfect poops, as well as melting inches off your waist over night, providing you with youthful energy and eliminating bloating.

It is vital to maintain a healthy digestive system. Yet, many people neglect it. For example, 70% of your immune system is controlled by your digestive tract. Your digestive system is responsible for 70% of your immune system. If it's not working properly, you will struggle to lose weight, heal yourself, and eliminate waste. Bad digestion can make everything worse.

SANE markets Viscera-3 to solve digestive problems. Viscera-3 can be used to provide the following benefits, according to SANE:

  • Overnight, melt inches off your waist
  • Eliminate the "bathroom backup", bloating, and other issues.
  • Get rid of gas and bloating quickly
  • Clean, consistent, and perfect daily pooping
  • Increase your youthful energy

Viscera-3 Price does not claim to increase fat burning or help you lose weight like diet pills. Instead, it claims to reduce bloating and slim down inches. Viscera-3 claims that a bloated stomach can add inches to your waist.

What is a Postbiotic?

Probiotics may be something you have heard of. Prebiotics may also be a term you have heard. Viscera-3 is a postbiotic. This means that it works in a different way.

These are the main types of digestive aids, and how they work.

Probiotic:Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in your stomach. They thrive in your digestive system, replenishing themselves until they reach a healthy level. Probiotics are essential for your gut. They help you digest foods, get nutrients from foods you eat, and play other important roles. To support their probiotic levels, some people take probiotic supplementation. Some people eat probiotic yogurt and fermented foods.

Prebiotics: prebiotics are fiber sources which feed your probiotic bacteria. Fiber is essential for probiotic bacteria to thrive. This fiber is known as a prebiotic when it enters your digestive system.

Postbiotic Most commonly used for marketing purposes, the term "postbiotic" is also used. After the prebiotics and probiotics have finished their work, a postbiotic supplement supports digestive health. Postbiotic supplements are not defined in a clear way. SANE however labels Viscera-3 a postbiotic formulation.

Viscera-3 Features & Benefits

SANE claims you can experience the following benefits by regularly taking Viscera-3:

  • You can enjoy a slumgut and lower your risk of developing gas, constipation, or bloating.
  • Support the intestinal lining's permeability to fix a leaky gut.
  • Eliminate the pain and embarrassment of gas and bloating caused by internal fermentation.
  • Get regular digestion and perfect daily poops.
  • You will have more energy and support your intestinal walls and immune system.
  • Brain problems can be avoided by strengthening the connection between your brain and your gut.

Viscera-3 is marketed as the ultimate supplement for gut health. Viscera-3 can help you with any digestive problem, including leaky gut, bad digestion, irregular digestion, and other problems.

Viscera-3 Ingredients

Understanding the workings of Viscera-3 is key to understanding how each ingredient works. SANE breaks down Viscera-3's ingredients into proprietary formulas that have unique names. These include the CoreBiome Tributyrin formula and the SLIMGut Garden Proprietary Mix.

CoreBiome Tributyrin Viscera-3 includes a version called CoreBiome Tributyrin. This formula allows postbiotic molecules to be delivered "directly to your lower colon, where they are most beneficial." SANE considers this formula superior and more bioavailable that a standard tributyrate.

Chrome: Chrromium is an essential mineral that can be found in many multivitamins. SANE added chromium (Viscera-3) to aid in weight loss.

Magnesium - magnesium is another vital mineral that your body needs. SANE explains that magnesium is involved with more than 300 chemical reactions within the body. Magnesium is essential for muscle contraction. Magnesium is also required by your body for healthy and regular bowel movements.

Pomegranate Viscera-3 includes pomegranate. SANE claims that Viscera-3 contains pomegranate, which promotes the cell recycling process known as mitophagy. It can help support health and wellness throughout your body, including your gut.

Grape Seed Oil: Grape oil is high in antioxidants. SANE has added grape seed extract in Viscera-3 to help soothe the stomach lining.

The active ingredients are packed in a vegetable capsule. They include silica, activated carbon, magnesium stearate, and microcrystallinecellulose as fillers, binding agents, and preservatives.

Scientific Evidence for Viscera-3

SANE claims Viscera-3 is supported by clinical research, marketing the formula as a postbiotic clinical research formulation and a therapeutic grade nutraceutical. This is partially true, but also a little misleading. Viscera-3 has ingredients that have undergone scientific studies. The formula has not been subject to clinical trials and no Viscera-3 research has been published in peer-reviewed journals by SANE.

Viscera-3 contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve gut health. SANE has some evidence to support their claims on their sales page. We'll also review the evidence further below.

Butyrate, one of the key ingredients in Viscera-3. SANE quotes this 2018 study that shows butyrate could reduce inflammation and inhibit the growth of colonic epithelial stem cell proliferation. Researchers believe that butyrate may aid in digestion due to these effects. Butyrate, like the Viscera-3 tributyrate, could help you digest food and maintain regularity by supporting normal inflammation.

It is possible that butyrate may also be linked to colorectal carcinoma. According to some studies, butyrate may have an anticarcinogenic effect. Researchers believe that colons with higher levels of butyrate could be at lower risk for colon cancer. Butyrate may kill cancer cells. This connection is still being investigated.

However, butyrate may also be linked to the colon. The gut microbiota, which includes probiotics and microorganisms, is home to microorganisms. These microorganisms are responsible for breaking down carbohydrates and proteins, which causes them to ferment. This digestion process can be difficult if there aren’t enough microorganisms. You may feel bloated. Your body may feel slow. Researchers found that a gut-friendly diet increases short chain fatty acids production in a 2016 study. Butyric acid, linked to butyrate, is one of the most abundant and plentiful short-chain fatty acids in colon.

SANE claims Viscera-3 can improve mental clarity by strengthening your gut connection and mind. It may sound strange, but it could be true. It appears that there is a link between your gut health and your mind. SANE points out this 2009 study that showed sodium butyrate, which is similar to Viscera-3 tributyrate, stimulated neurogenesis in rats.

Viscera-3 is more than tributyrate. Supplement also contains pomegranate and chrome. These ingredients all appear to be good for digestive health. For example, ellagic acid in pomegranate could help support healthy inflammation in your stomach. Grape seed extract contains similar compounds.

The National Institutes of Health has explained that chromium appears to aid digestion by controlling glucose levels in your bloodstream. Although it has a greater impact on blood sugar than digestion (but blood sugar may also have an effect on digestion and overall appetite control), there are other possible effects.

Viscera-3 has proven ingredients that support gut health. It also contains unique ingredients such as tributyrate, which you won't find with other supplements. Viscera-3 may support gut health in a way that is different from a prebiotic or probiotic. It could also work as a postbiotic to aid your body's digestion of foods.

The Viscera-3 Benefits - What do customers have to say?

Viscera-3 testimonials are filled on the sales page. These are testimonials from people who have seen powerful results after using the formula.

Viscera-3 is rated 4.5 stars out 5 on the SANE Store's sales page. This page also features 1,300+ customer reviews.

These are just a few of the stories that were featured in the testimonials.

One woman claims that Viscera-3 has helped her heal her stomach. It is more predictable than Miralax.

Another woman claimed that she has had problems with her stomach, including constipation, since childhood. Viscera-3 helped her "astonish" when she began using it. This woman claims that she is clearer and more focused after using Viscera-3.

Viscera-3 has been reported by many customers to have a more consistent digestive system, with daily pees.

Customers were dissatisfied with the weight loss results of the formula. They claimed they bought it for weight loss, but not significant weight loss.

Viscera-3 has been praised by other customers as making it easier to poop. There is no pain and no effort. It's simple, natural digestion habits.

Most customers agree that Viscera-3 is effective in supporting healthy poos, regular digestion and other surprising benefits. Many people have suffered with poor digestion for their entire lives before discovering Viscera-3.

Viscera-3 Pricing

Viscera-3 retails at $47 per bottle. Discounts can bring the cost down to as low as $33. Here are the pricing details for Viscera-3 when purchased through the official SANE Online Store:


  • 1 Bottle: $47 + $7.95
  • 3 Bottles: $126 + $7.95
  • 6 bottles: $197 + free shipping to the USA

Each capsule contains 45 capsules (15 portions). To support your gut health, you should take three capsules daily.

All orders come with a bonus eBook entitled 99 Perfect Morning Poop Smoothies: How to Completely Empty Your Bowels Every Day. The eBook includes a variety of green smoothies that support digestion, which are energy-boosting, hormonal-boosting, and belly-fat-burning. Popular smoothie recipes in the ebook include the Daily Refresher Coco-Smoothie and Happy Belly Green Goddess smoothies, as well as the Poop Fixer shake.

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