China (June 20, 2021) - Nobunaga Sword recently launched their special custom swords with many other items. The company is located at Long Quan city, situated in the southwestern part of Zhejiang Province in China. The company is holding the legacy of the history of sword-making in Long Quan. With many skilled swordsmiths and artisans, the company is here to provide the best quality swords. The forge and workshops are located at Long Quan. 

With deep knowledge and experience in sword-making, the company makes top-quality blades, including samurai swords, katana swords, Chinese, European swords, blades from movies and Anime, and other Japanese blades. One can easily buy katana from the company. As the company says, “we will cater to your requests and try our best to give you a blade that is worthy of the blade-making legacy of Long Quan”. So, if anybody searches for the best samurai swords or katana swords, he or she must contact the company. All of the details are clearly mentioned on their website. 

Blade collectors from different parts of the country visit the company to buy the products. Along with them, aficionados, martial artists also come to the company's threshold to choose the best katana for themselves. The company Nibunga Sword also accepts customized orders. One can ask for any other blade design to satisfy their choice and needs. The customer can choose what fittings, color, sheath, handle and blade material they would want on the blade, or he or she may send a drawing with proper dimensions and a description of the preferred design. Thus, the company is becoming popular for its excellent products. 

About the Company
Nobunaga Sword is a professional sword-making company offering a wide range of swords and katana. Along with recently launched customized swords, they provide a wide variety of swords and katana. Since its inception, it has been serving people at Long Quan City and other adjacent areas.
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