Template-based Elections graphics

Wasp3d provides customization and on-air playout of Election Graphics and business graphics pre-defined templates, allowing hassle-free operation for broadcast and corporate environments. Wasp3d does not require specialized election knowledge.

 Its highly intuitive interface allows for the simple and easy use of complex, high-quality, and eye-catching graphics.

Wasp3d combines the necessary key features to control all aspects involving data management.

 So, once data is loaded via a CSV file, Aston Elections automatically reorders data, rearranges the graphics, and divides them into pages depending on the number of items to show, always ensuring they are displayed fluidly on screen.

In addition, Wasp3d allows the entry of data manually. Use the same template with different data as many times as you want by loading an independent CSV file in the rundown mode.


Customizable graphics

Wasp3d allows you to choose one of the three available “IN” animations: select your favorite graphic -bars, pies, pictograms, etc.- or combine several of them, position the graphic as you wish, edit colors, sizing and fonts, or even select your preferred background.

Not just for the Elections day

 With Wasp3d you can choose any of the available templates for elections shows, graphics for promotional and marketing campaigns, polls, or any business graphics. Corporations or service providers can also benefit from the graphics power of Wasp3d.


Customizable templates included

Wasp3d comes with 20 customizable templates, allowing you to personalize animations, color, position, etc. Of course, it allows for including the Parties’ image, colors and logos, and many other customizable options.

On top of that, Wasp3d can import 3D maps or objects from packages such as 3DMax or Cinema4D in a variety of formats. Templates include StormLogic animation, which allows the interaction between them, and some of them can co-exist in the same image (such as ticker, clock, or sidebar). And if you need any specific template, talk to us and we will create it for you.



The bars reflect the total of votes, the representative, and the percentage of votes.

Custom Bars

On top of Bar’s features, Custom Bars allow modifying the shape of the bar elements using splines.




Bars Photo

On top of the Bar’s features, Bars Photo allows to include the candidate’s pictures.


Allows displaying results in a curve, very useful to show the evolution of different years or events.


Reflects the data sample in a circle, adding the details and total of votes on the right side.

Bar Alliances

Displays the total of seats of possible alliances between parties to confirm a majority in a lower third bar.

Face to Face

This template shows up automatically the two first candidates in a number of votes, placing one next to the other.


A fully customizable template that displays the evolution of votes of different parties in a period of time.


Lower Third

Displays a lower third on screen, and can co-exist with tickers and sidebars.


Generates a customizable map from a pre-existing 3D design from any 3D software package.


Displays a clock on the sidebar, useful for countdowns and live connections.


Displays the chamber composition in a half pie chart, with a line showing the majority threshold.

Pie Alliances

Displays the total of seats of any possible alliance between parties to confirm a majority in a pie chart.


Displays data in the right-hand side of the screen.


Establishes comparison between the results of the different parties and the results of each party in different elections, showing as well indications of the increase or decrease of seats over time.

Table Generic

Establishes comparison between the results of the different parties, adding the names and pictures of the candidates.

Ticker 1 line

Displays a one-line ticker.

Ticker header

Displays a one-line ticker with a Headline News and allows for automatic replacement and speed control.

Ticker Data

Displays a ticker with the results and total number of seats.


Some of the templates allow for combining them into the same page.