He'll tell Best OSRS Gold site you to address the matter to King Roald. Once you've spoken with King Roald, then he will be shocked. He will give you two orders, one would be to alert the command guard, located at the top of the palace. He'll also give you a note to give to the memorial curator offering commands to provide the Shield Of Arrav for you. You are instructed to select the shield to the Grand Tree and hide it among the gnomes there.

As soon as you've gone into the curator and obtained the shield, head over to the Grand Tree. Present yourself to King Narnode Shareen and say that you request his aid. He will obviously help you out and you give him the narrative. He chooses the defense and also hides it to you.

Lucien said that he's raised an army of many zombies, and they're heading for the first attack over Falador!

After you have completed with the cutscene, go over to Falador and alert Sir Amik Varse. He gets the White Knights prepared and asks you to join the battle. To prepare, he requests you gather a small bit of special White Knight Armor, known as Eternalist Armor. To get the armor, then you have to gather Blurite Ore, Limestone, 10 Steel Bars, any kind of black weapon or armor, and a gold leaf. Bring that back to Sir Amik Old School RuneScape Gold Varse and He'll send you to the Smithing Tutor in Varrock, with a letter.