jio rockers telugu is the most popular Indian torrent site which allows their users to download them illegally. Since there are numerous torrent sites emerging each day, the movie team including the producers, directors, other investors and even cinema hall owners faces a huge loss and so they file a case against these sites. 

However, they file case against them without any fear Jiorockers keep on uploading contents. 

Reason for the success of Jiorockers sites:

  • Even if people think that they should not support such sites, they cannot stop watching because of their curiosity to watch their favorite latest movies. 
  • In addition, they have a variety of collections of free HD movies, which can be downloaded. 
  • There are people who do not want to spend their money on entertainment; instead, they want to be entertained for free. 
  • The quality of the content will be from 360 p to HD quality. 


Steps taken by government to stop piracy:

  1. The Cinematograph Act in 2019 says anyone who records the movie without the knowledge of producers, they will be imprisoned for 3 years and a fine of Rs.10 lakhs will be imposed or both. 


Are Jio rockers available in 2022?

These days’ people are not interested in going to theatres because the pandemic time has increased the fear in people and made them lose their interest. 

These sites even if the government they will come bans them back as a proxy or mirror sites. Even in 2022, this site has leaked a number of movies. 

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Kindly note that we do not promote these kinds of websites in any way. The copyright Act in India is a crime and people involved in it will be imprisoned or fined. The content posted here is merely for educational and informational purposes and to inform our readers to stay away from such sites.