Not true with OSRS Fire Cape appropriate weighting that is on doing what they were intending. It is already incredibly simple to get a Kalphite or even Sire task yet we don't have any trouble discovering open worlds for those do we? It doesn't make it any easier than it is. Especially considering they had been intending on weighting the hard to get boss jobs low it would be quite like Duradel handing out a Graardor or even Zily task(~1/500). People who want a slayer manager master to not be worked on by the slayer helm are dented for certain.

You all started frothing at the mouths without even thinking they understood what they talked about. Mod Arcane stated on the Q&A they can easily create the rarer boss jobs a minimal weight so that it doesn't ruin their rarity, which makes the slayer helm bonus never ovepowered.

If there's one life skill which OSRS drilled into me personally it is to enjoy the travel

Anyone else feel the same? I'm always setting goals for myself and that I keep my focus on the end line, get there, and end up having fonder memories of this travel. I know that it's a notion that is common but OSRS helped me to understand it. I had exactly the same sweaty grind for western hard, although for me it opened up a lot of fun choices it made things way more fun. Wish to train hunter? Red chin spot with no robots. Mage defence, range attack, BIS vorkath raids two and 1 equipment that is gear/acceptable? Got everything covered. And crystal fucking halberd of the WORD that item slaps than anything you've equip before. Does the 2x splats on virtually every slayer job and 99 str / peity / on task it could max a TIMES TWO. Being a 2h it's got some baller accuracy too so 100 harm is pretty average, with 30 percent per spec it is a fucking monster, so goddamn gratifying.

All that said, when the travel is what is fun for you around Runescape not what is in the finish, you can either appreciate what Runescape offers in evident paths and that is totally okay, and even add on locating new streets you path yourself together with the rewards you reach after a long pleasant walk. Yeah that is felt by me. I almost feel somewhat depressed after completing a grind. It's like yeah I got this unlock but it sounded enjoyable and practical until I finish it up. I have a lot of items in my personal bank like crystal Hally and cape that I would like to use a whole lot more but rarely actually require. Maybe when I will manage content that is tougher use'll be seen by them. After a couple big grind I do not even actually pressure myself to continue just work on them whenever they feel enjoyable and stop whenever they don't.

Yeah even though I haven't played OSRS lately (past 6ish months) I only had something happen IRL which made me think about the advantages that came from my OSRS dependence haha:-RRB- thank you for your comment! This has been. "if I only do dragon slayer 2 I could farm vorkath and get rich" I unlock vorkath and get tired of her following a week. "well if I just had elite emptiness I bet this would be far better" so I grind elite emptiness and recognize that with my stats the dhide was much better lmao.

That's the way I felt when I ended 99 fishing in Buy RS3 Gold crabs. Was AFK and pkers kept it interesting. Runescape's skill aims do not have much. Reward. You get to 99 and that is it. You can do a more cool thing but it's frequently hardly game-changing. I then stopped playing and maxed. Unlocking a boss or achieving a trendy thing is a whole lot more rewarding. Individuals who snore as fast as they can to get to end game wind up burning out faster. Slow and steady wins the race.