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It is good practice for the NACE Inspector to have instrument calibration certificates available:
A. At all times
B. In the office only
C. In the field only
D. Only if the specification requires it
Answer: A

An Inspector should change position when:
A. The Inspector is convinced by verifiable facts
B. Only when directed by the supervisor
C. The Inspectors position is not the majority position
D. The Owner can save some money by the change
Answer: A

When performing tests for oil and grease using an ultra-violet light, the NACE Inspector should be aware that:
A. Chloride salt may produce a false positive
B. Synthetic oil or grease may not be identified
C. Ultra-Violet light may contaminant the surface
D. Presence of weld spatter may produce a false positive
Answer: B

Inspector's daily reports are used:
Select All That Apply
A. By the contractor to estimate the amount of work done that day
B. To provide continuity between inspectors
C. To aid in arbitration between the contractor and client
D. To help in cases of a coating failure
Answer: ABCD

When working as a NACE Inspector in a situation where there is a difference of opinion, the Inspector needs to:
A. Go with the majority opinion
B. Never change his/her mind
C. Achieve consensus through negotiation
D. Call the supervisor
Answer: D

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