If you use a Cash App as your personal payment app then it means, you must use a Cash App card as well. Why not? After all, a Cash App card is a safe, fast, and secure method of spending money. Most importantly, it works strikingly in a similar way as all other debit cards do. Whether you need to withdraw money from an ATM or make payment at a shop or gas station; a Cash App card handles both types of the transaction perfectly. But, for a hassle-free experience, it is important to have money on your Cash App card. As long as there is money loaded on your card, you can keep spending it through your Cash App card with ease of mind in just a one swap but this seamless payment experience may come to cease once the money is over on your card.

As a part of my attempt to ensure your payment experience never comes to halt, I am going to help you understand the two simple methods to add money to your Cash App card. To be very clear, we are going to discuss two simple but effective methods to add money to your Cash App card. In addition to that, you will also get an answer to one of the most commonly asked questions. Whether or not you can transfer money from a credit card to your Cash App card. Here we go:

How to add money to a Cash App card at Walgreens store?
Cash App by Square never shies away from introducing a unique feature to simplify the payment experience with Cash App. One such feature that Cash App has recently added is reloading cards at the store. By that I mean, now all verified Cash App users can reload their Cash App card at many reputable and prominent departmental stores such as Walgreens.

How to add money to the Cash App card at Walgreens? It might be your next question. Well, it is quite simple. The complete procedure of card reloading with money does not take more than two minutes. If there is anything that might take time is to find out and reach out to the Walgreen store. So, the idea here is to use Google Map on your phone to spot the nearby Walgreen store. Once you are over there then just do as mentioned in the following section step by step.

Note: Make sure you have cash as the cashier available at the counter will be required to be paid in cash.

Once you reach the store, get in touch with the cashier available at the billing counter.
Request the cashier to load your card with money and ask for a fee if there is any.
If you are a regular customer of Walgreen, once request not to charge the fee (Cashier might say yes or no).
Now hand over your card to the cashier and tell how much balance you want to add.
According to the required balance and demanded fee, make payment to the cashier in cash.
With the help of a card reading device, the cashier will load your card with money in just a few seconds.
Your Cash App card is ready to use as it has been loaded with money.  

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How to add money to a Cash App card from a debit card?
If you want to avoid the pain of traveling to the store and paying an additional fee to load money to your Cash App card then this section is for you.

Why go to a store if you already have a debit card? A piece of good news is that you can add money to your Cash App card using your debit card. Let’s not forget that Cash App supports both Visa and MasterCards. If you have any one of the two types of cards, you can load your Cash App card with money with ease of mind. These are the steps:

Select the banking tab from the home screen of the Cash App.
Tap add money.
Now enter the amount that you want to add.
Once again tap the add money button.
Enter your Cash App PIN or scan your thumb to verify your identity.
Upon successful verification, money will be transferred from your debit card and loaded to your card.

Can you transfer money from your credit card to your Cash App card?
No. As of now, Cash App doesn’t let the users transfer money from a credit card to a Cash App card. However, one can definitely link and set up a credit card on a Cash App but the task of transferring money from a credit card to a Cash App is still far from reality. Through using a credit card you can make payment at a shop, restaurant, and store. For more information, contact the Cash App customer service.