T Part Wig is a great way to quickly, easily, and often change your appearance, hairstyle, and hair color. However, cutting the lace is an essential step when applying T-lace wigs. Properly cutting off excess lace can make your hair more comfortable. Your hairline looks more natural with this guide on how to properly cut a T-lace wig?


Before starting to cut the T Part Lace Wig


Use the tools you are used to. get a nice sharp scissors or you can use a razor blade. If it doesn't, it won't thread through the lace properly, or even damage it.


first step and the most important step that you want to make sure you do first is you want to focus on the lace near your ears , when you first need a Transparent Lace Wig what they do is they make the lace a little longer because some people have longer hair lines you have a wider head to have a bigger head,so that you can actually customize it to your liking.


2.obviously if this is a 13 inch as far as length frontal my hairline so we want to go ahead and cut off the excess really important to cut the lace off that is above your ear because that kind of determines on how flat the lace will lay ,Trim excess lace from the wig. Make small cuts in a subtle zig-zag motion.Cut only a small amount at a time because you don't want to ruin your wig. Also make sure not to cut the baby's hairthen it also determines how comfortable your wig will be when you're wearing it so if you have extra lace over it.


3.Make sure not to cut the elastic near the ear tabs or the wig structure cover.


Follow these there easy steps and you'll be cutting off excess lace like a pro in no time.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting www.ruiyuhair.com.