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Share some NCP-MCA 5 NCP-MCA exam questions and answers below.
An administrator had provided Linux VM console access to the OS Team. However, the team is unable to access one of the newly-created Linux VMs.
How can the administrator resolve this issue?
A.Create a local user in Linux OS and provide access to the OS Team.
B.Provide Prism Admin access to the OS Team Active Directory Group.
C.Create a role for the OS Team Active Directory Group and add the VMs to it.
D.Assign new VMs to a category and provide category access to the OS Team.
Answer: C

A company wants to ensure that all developers are able to request new development environments on demand by using ServiceNow.
The administrator notices that even though developers create new environments, they rarely remove these environments when moving on to new assignments. Today, the administrator has gone into Prism Central to check when the VM was created, in order to reach out to the developer and ask if it can be deleted. The administrator has accidentally deleted the wrong VM in the past.
Which two methods can the administrator use to automate this task to avoid deleting the incorrect VMs? (Choose two.)
A.Create a playbook REST API action to delete the VM from a ServiceNow approval flow.
B.Create a playbook webhook action to delete the VM from a ServiceNow approval flow.
C.Create a playbook webhook trigger to delete the VM from a ServiceNow approval flow.
D.Create a playbook REST API trigger to delete the VM from a ServiceNow approval flow.
Answer: AC

In order to give Consumers the ability to modify attributes, what should the Blueprint creator implement in the design?
A.Custom actions
B.eScript task with custom macros
C.Runtime variables
D.HTTP task with built-in macros

Where would a Calm Developer find logging related to blueprint package failures?
A.In Calm select Application icon > select application name > Audit Tab
B.In Calm select Application icon > select application name > Services Tab
C.SSH to Prism Central > /home/calm/log/styx.log
D.In Prism Central go to Activities > Audits and get the audits filter by date

What are two valid trigger types available for executing Playbooks? (Choose two.)



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