Why not? Because doing so breaks sov completely. And it is apparent that devs intend to bring fluid and EVE Echoes ISK competitive player-owned sov into EE.You CAN. NOT. Have sov and have god mode fleets autopiloting to your systems without a recourse.Sure, and as I said, I am convinced there are creative ways to deal with this other than the way it has been in the past as, this can be a new sport after all, on a fresh platform.

Yes and those options should be worked out from the players. Not the devs.

Make mutually beneficial alliances between sov owners and highsec mission bears.

Pay some kind of monthly protection fee that gets you on the friendly list of gate campers

Depart from your mission boat in low/null and travel through gatecamps on your pod

Find shipfits which cancel the present camp meta

There should be as few artificial principles as you can. It's called a sandbox for a reason.I believe this is much more of what people will need to Buy EVE Echoes Items see. This I know. Rather than defending gate camps I believe newer players like myself want to comprehend how these items are actually dealt with.