It's safe to say Madden NFL 21 was hit-and-miss in Mut 22 coins places. It is even safer to say Michael Thomas' NFL year was only a miss. He entered 2020 with a infrequent 99 OVR position and people believed that he was the best receiver in the game.

Then he was injured early. Then when he had been poised to return, he punched somebody in clinic and got suspended. He then came back and didn't seem right. With weeks to go, he was deactivated for the stayed for the season. The most painful stat on his own sheet: 0 touchdowns for the whole campaign. Only lowering him 94 OVR was an undeserved kindness.

He has just been an all-pro only once. He has only captured double-digit touchdowns in a season only once. His very best successes do not seem to make it into the stat sheet. But Jones always gets high marks because anybody with eyeballs can see he's an unbelievable talent. Even with an injury that wiped out half his year, he caught over 700 yards.

After leading the league in receptions and yardage, all those men and women who requested those loaded questions need to buy Madden 22 coins consume a whole lot of crow. He has been instrumental in creating Buffalo's offense one of the very prolific units in the league.