There are also special tokens that you can earn for performing certain kinds of missions. They are awards of Lineage 2M Diamonds honor earned through clan-related tasks. These are used to purchase items from the clan merchant.

Next, there are oracle-related tokens. These can be earned by performing special tasks for the goddess Einhasad. You can purchase items from the priest using these tokens.

Lineage 2M takes simple straightforward gameplay and combines it with beautiful cinematics, and an easy-to-follow story. It doesn't do too much to distinguish itself from other games for mobile in the genre however it features some interesting mechanics. There's plenty of diversity when it comes to characters, weapons, abilities, and even extras to keep things interesting. In addition, the auto-play option allows players who like to have their game running while doing other things.

But, if you're the player who prefers a variety in terms of gameplay mechanics and prefer to have greater control over your character's actions If so, you may want to avoid. You'll be doing nothing more than killing enemies, and it's tough to fully out of the auto-play mechanisms.

NCSOFT's smash MMORPG is based on the popular Lineage II franchise, Lineage2M has been officially tested in Lineage 2M Diamonds for sale 29 regions. Western countries can now play Lineage2M through November 7th. If you wish to participate in the game, you can join on the official website of the game.