Headband Wigs and 360 wigs are two popular wig products in Ruiyu Store. Some customer wearers want to know which wig is valuable to them, so this article will demonstrate the benefits of the two?


360 Lace Wig: A wig base with a lace front is especially valuable for wearers who want an almost invisible hairline—perfect if you like to have your hair pulled back or have no bangs. This means the hair has no visible knots or connections. The benefit of the 360 Lace Frontal Wig is that the wearer can lead a very active outdoor life without anyone realizing that you are wearing a wig.


If you are experiencing complete hair loss, the 360 wig is very comfortable and protects your natural hair growth. For celebrities in entertainment and fashion, people opt for higher quality 360 lace front wigs that look very realistic and fashion forward.


Headband Wigs: Headband wigs are made from high-quality real hair wigs - just like natural hair. This wig is more elastic because an elastic elastic band is sewn to the hair.


This type of wig can also provide additional benefits in terms of staying power. High-quality wigs can be made with silicone strips inside the base for added security; hidden clips and adjustable shoulder straps.


The good thing is that if you're in windy weather or walking around a lot, all you'll see is your hairline, and it won't slide around because of the comb and adjustment straps that come with the wig cap. But if you want your hair to be parted or parted, headband wigs may not be right for you.


Headband wigs are available in thousands of styles and colors, you can confidently cut, color and style wigs according to your needs, because headband wigs do not have lace, so you don't have to worry about the lace dyeing and becoming unnatural.