Compared with traditional houses, PTH light steel prefab villa has its outstanding advantages:

(1) The production of light steel structural parts for light steel villas has a high degree of factory and mechanization, and a high degree of commercialization.

(2) The on-site construction of light steel villas is fast and will not affect nearby residents and facilitate civilized construction.

(3) The steel structure of the light steel villa is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

(4) Lightweight steel villas have light weight and good seismic performance.

(5) The comprehensive economic index of light steel villas is not higher than that of reinforced concrete structures.

(6) Compared with brick-concrete houses, light steel villas can avoid the waste of resources caused by burning bricks with earth.

(7) Light-steel villas have a smaller wall thickness than brick-concrete structures, which can increase the effective use area.

(8) The construction of light steel villas adopts dry construction method, which will not cause waste of water materials. And save costs.

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