Hope Health Supply is a family business that was founded during the pandemic in 2020. The company sells quality protection masks, supplements, and health accessories – all of the products users may require to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Is  Hope Healthy Supply It Worth It?

Given the fact that Hope Health Supply offers a variety of options, reasonable pricing, and impressively fast shipping, the company is worth buying from. Additionally, Hope Health Supply has thousands of happy customers and reviews, which prove this is a trustworthy company.


covers a wide variety of protective masks and accessories, so every shopper would be likely to find something they need
competitive prices and regular sales to help users save more
super-fast delivery in most cases
friendly and helpful customer service representatives


some of the masks don’t seem 100% comfortable to some users (this might depend on one’s head size and the mask model that they choose)
the company hasn’t received the FDA’s approval yet.

Hope Health Supply Customer Reviews & Ratings

Hope Health Supply has over 5,000 reviews on its official website. There are also over 150 customer comments on TrustPilot, with an average rating of 4.1 stars.

Now, most shoppers agree that Hope Health Supply offers competitive prices and delivers orders extremely fast:

“I was able to find exactly what I needed, the prices were competitive, and the orders arrived quickly. I will order from them again.”

Therefore, users don’t have to wait long for the necessary protective products and thus, can remain safe.

Many customers also note that Hope Health Supply goes above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service.

As for unhappy customers, there aren’t many of them. Most complaints about Hope Health Supply are centered around the size of some of the face masks.

Is Hope Health Supply FDA Approved?

Hope Health Supply is registered with the FDA. However, registration does not mean authorization, approval, or clearance by the FDA. This might be explained by the fact that Hope Health Supply is a relatively young company. It’s still on the way to receiving the FDA’s approval. That being said, Hope Health Supply’s masks meet the general guidance from medical experts, which means they can be considered safe.

Are KN95 Masks from Hope Health Supply Good?

KN95 masks by Hope Health Supply meet the standards set by medical experts, so these masks should do their job well.

What’s great about these masks is that they are very comfortable to wear. The nose bridge is flexible and soft, so it shouldn’t cause pain or irritation. The ear loops are stretchy but gentle. Therefore, they can work for different types of users and head sizes without causing too much pressure on the ears.

Where Are Hope Health Supply Masks Made?

Hope Healthy Supply masks are manufactured in China. All of the masks are also tested in a lab in the US.

It’s also worth noting that by making its masks abroad, Hope Health Supply is able to offer such competitive prices.

Hope Health Supply Supplements Review

This website has five different supplements that are actually from hope health. It is clear that the owners of hope health are using their brand name to make these products look more socially acceptable than what they really are.

Supplement for Hair, Skin, & Nails & Mind Capsules is being promoted on Facebook by hope health.


The company is new to the game with only 9 months in business meaning they don’t have an established reputation for quality. Second, the company is not accredited by any regulatory agency which is a red flag since it makes it harder to know if they are legitimate. Third, some reviews say that the company is a scam that sells fake products.

For More Info: https://fortyreviews.com/hope-health-supply-reviews/ 

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