The movie that changed the career of Ranbir Kapoor and took Imtiaz Ali to greater heights is Rockstar. Ranbir and Imtiaz both, performance won them several awards while the film earned both critical and commercial success, making it one of the most successful films of that year.A. R. Rahman won all the music awards for presenting the most amazing album of the decade.

In a nutshell, Rockstar was a milestone in the career of almost everyone associated with this movie. This is one of the best tragic love stories of Bollywood. Janardan or Jordan acts to fall in love with Heer because his mentor Khatana Bhai told him that until his heart is broken in love, there cannot be any depth in his voice. He faces many difficulties in his journey to becoming the singing sensation of the nation. Eventually, when he really falls in love with Heer, she is about to die, and his heart shatters forever.

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Here are 4 heart-breaking yet beautiful cinematic moments from Rockstar that people can never forget: -



#Izhaar – Phone conversation from Balcony

This is a moment that will give you chills and will also make you weep. Heer is weak and ailing. Only Jordon can cheer her up with his sense of humor and friendly presence. He calls her up from outside her building and urges her to come to the balcony. They have a deep conversation. Jordan's most memorable lines here in this scene still drums in our ears – “Main aaj itni badi hasti hu Heer, star hu main, itne saare paise hai mere paas, famous hu, par andar pata hai sirf jalan hai, bechaini hai….main sirf tere sath hi set hu yaar


#DilTootna – Climax Scene

.JJ is ready to attend his first concert of the musical tour when he receives a phone call from Mandy, Heer’s sister. She informs that Heer is in critical condition. Unfortunately, Heer gets pregnant by Jordon which leads to this critical stage. Jordon was unaware of this medical condition but now he is unable to do anything to bring Heer back from a coma. He shrieks and says, “Khatana Bhai mera dil nahi tootna chahiye” and tears roll down the cheeks of the audience.


#NadanParindey – Imagination of JJ

Immediately after the breathtaking performance at Verona, Janardan imagines Heer. The crowd in the audience remains on their feet for JJ’s powerful performance. But JJ cannot hear the crowd and imagines Heer walking up to him on stage in a white dress. With Kavita Krishnamurthy’s voice trailing out into the night in her famous performance..tumko paa hi liya maine yun…. And that’s how the nadan parinde gets back home.



#JalneDe – Nadan Parinde Video

Nadan Parinde is one of the best songs of Bollywood and Rahman’s career. In a small segment of the video of this song, a lost Jordon is sitting in a bathtub – the shower is also on and his guitar is ablaze. He is simply gazing at that burning guitar. It reveals a lot about the character and his state of mind – it’s completely relatable and makes its entry into one of the best cinematic moments from the movie.


Released in 2011, Rockstar is one of the finest examples of tragic love stories in Bollywood. So, download the Mzaalo app for Android and iOs and enjoy this best Ranbir Kapoor movie anytime.