Most games which run on unreal has very good gameplay, don't think PES devs do not see fans whining. I think that they're trying to Mut 21 coins capitalise on that. I'll be prepared to make a switch in a heartbeat if PES brand new gameplay provides a realistic, enjoyable and fluid encounter. But MyTeam is even worse compared to FUT in terms of P2W and content. With larger player base they could improve faster IMO. What incentive would be? People tend to overlook that PES is published by Konami that are even scummier shils than EA themselves... Nevertheless a little competition for EA would always be more profitable for the players.

In an perfect world maybe, uncertainty EA would care. They have their market of whales who spend tens of thousands every year and casuals who purchase it just because. I would not be surprised if in these years we receive a"free" version of FUT with intense P2W elements, sort of like the one which PES releases every year. The PES comment is utter shite though. As long as EA has licences and PES does not, FIFA will always outsell PES with buy mut coins madden 21 a landslide. I really don't need to play as Manchester red, in the euro cup. Everyone has been saying pes will take over every season and it does not. You are posting on a fifa subreddit, not a pes. This demonstrating that fifa isn't moving anywhere.