Adventurer, we returned to the journey of hell. After the delay last month failed to provide us with a new release date, Blizzard is now confident that they will be able to deliver World of Warcraft before the end of November. Players can feel relieved to familiarize themselves with the expansion content after knowing the news, so that they will not be unprepared when Shadowlands arrives.

Blizzard also released an expanded new story trailer in order to prepare us all for the journey of death.

Blizzard originally planned to release it on the 27th, but due to the need to optimize, balance and strengthen some interlocking systems, it delayed Shadowlands last month. Today, executive producer John Hight replied with a message explaining that they are making some changes and believe that the development team can put the game on the shelves before November 23.

Since they told us about the decision to delay, they have been using time to further improve the expansion and strengthen the final battle, including a thorough inspection of the Maw’s battles and rewards, and a redesign of the covenant system so that you can make choices immediately. Influence, and have clearer long-term goals. Now the team is in a good position to push everything to the finish line before November 23, and as always, as long as you are in the game, we will work to improve it with you.

In addition to the long-awaited release date, Hight also provided a date for the first attack of the pre-launch natural disaster invasion and expansion plan. On November 10th, undead creatures will appear on the world map regularly, turning players into zombies, which may infect more players. After the expansion is launched, Castle Nathria will test the Raiders in the first endgame challenge in Shadowlands, which will open on December 8.

Shadowlands is the eighth major expansion of World of Warcraft. It introduces the nominal "rest place for every mortal soul that ever existed, whether moral or vile." In a more practical sense, it is Players brought five new exploration areas: Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, The Maw and Bastion are the hometowns of angel souls, which guide Kyrians.

On November 10th, the "pre-launch event" of Shadowlands will begin. Players will try to defend Azeroth to prevent the Scourge from re-emerging. Blizzard has confirmed the first raid of the expansion plan, Castle Nathria, to launch Sire Denathrius in the "heartland" "Revendreth Lair" will open on December 8th, alongside Shadowlands Season 1.

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