RPET fabric, namely Recycled PET Fabric, is a new type of green and environmentally friendly fabric woven from recycled PET bottle yarn.

Its low-carbon source creates a new concept in the field of recycling. RPET fabric responds to the environmental and sustainable policy calls, so it is even more advocated. His applications include luggage, home textiles, clothing, etc.

Functional fabrics means that by changing the properties of the fabric, adding functional materials, and adding various auxiliaries in the production process or after finishing, the fabric itself has special effects and super performance that ordinary clothing fabrics do not have. The application of functional fabrics not only increases the added value of fabric products, but also reflects people's pursuit of comfortable and convenient lifestyles and the protection of their own health and safety.

Let's talk about the process of RPET fabric:

1. Recycling of PET bottles

2. Product inspection and separation of PET bottles

3. Plastic bottle slice

4. Wire drawing, cooling and collecting

5.Recycled PET yarn

6. Woven into fabric

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