Want more Twitter traffic? Well, who doesn't? One of the best ways to get more Twitter traffic is to get more retweets, but you already know that.

But do you know how to get more retweets? In addition to the basics like writing great content or adding Twitter buttons to your website, there have to be advanced ways to get more retweets, right? Well, there are. Here are 10 tips on how to get more retweets on Twitter. 

One of the tips for Twitter is to avoid the least tweetable words 

One of the tips for Twitter that we give you is that of the 30 million tweets analyzed, here are the words that tend to be less tweeted and the ones that you should avoid using:

  1. Game
  2. Going
  3. Ha ha
  4. LOL
  5. But
  6. Stalker
  7. Job
  8. Home
  9. Night
  10. Bed
  11. Good
  12. To sleep
  13. Hey
  14. Tomorrow
  15. Tired
  16. Some
  17. Bored
  18. Listening

And here are the most retweeted words:

  1. Your
  2. Twitter
  3. Please
  4. Retweet
  5. Send
  6. Blog
  7. Social
  8. Free
  9. Half
  10. Help
  11. Excellent
  12. Social media
  13. 10
  14. Follow

If you are trying to get the most retweets, you should avoid using the least favorable words in your tweets and stick with the favorable ones instead.


Calculating your tweets is one of the tips for Twitter

Did you know that 48% of Twitter users are based on Eastern Standard Time? Or does that 6% of all retweets happen during 5 PM? If you want to be more specific, did you know that tweets that occur on Wednesdays have the highest visibility?

So one of the tips for Twitter is that if you want to get the most retweets, consider tweeting on Wednesdays at 5PM.


Times to post on Twitter

You already know that you can put Twitter buttons on your website to get more retweets, but wouldn't you want people to click the retweet button during 5 PM?

If you're only using the normal Twitter app, you can't control the times to post to Twitter or when people retweet your content. But if you use external tools like Twitter Buffer, you can control when your tweet is published.

The way it works is that when people make use of the Buffer tweet tool, it automatically schedules the tweet during the ideal times rather than instantly. In this way, tweets get the highest visibility.

Tweet quotes

The reason why you should  Tweet quotes is that it not only gets your followers used to re-tweeting your stuff, but it also helps increase the number of followers.

Also, if you tweet a quote and then tweet about something else in a minute, that second tweet tends to get re-tweeted an additional 4.1%. So, if you want to increase your retweets, start tweeting quotes.

Have you ever noticed a few influencers are using some custom fonts and they have a good number of followers, because they are up to date with the latest trending working techniques, and you also have to be for it, so start using fancy text generator to get stylish custom fonts for your tweet? It really helps you to get more retweets. 

Add links on Twitter within your tweets

As simple as it may sound, there is a big difference between tweets with a link and those without links on Twitter.

18.96% of all tweets contain a link. When it comes to re-tweets, 56.69% of them contain a link. Therefore, if you want your tweets to be retweeted, they have a better chance if you include a link.

Let people make you a payment with Twitter

Have you thought of a concept where people can make a payment with Twitter? For example, Simply Measured, allows you to get access to some of their products if you tweet about the company. If you want to use some of its advanced features without paying, it usually asks you to tweet about it again. This method has helped the company attract more than 1,000 new customers each month.

Build connections with people on Twitter 

The connections with people on the Twitter network do not have to be performed offline. Every week, try to meet at least 5 Twitter users who have over 20,000 followers. You do this by sending them direct messages, communicating with them via email, tweeting them, and re-tweeting some of their tweets.

After your relationship with these users grows over time, from time to time, you can ask them to retweet some of your tweets. Because they have a ton of followers, that tweet is also re-tweeted multiple times.

If you can build relationships with enough power users, you can ask all of them at once to retweet some of their tweets, which should send your numbers skyrocketing.

Use 1.62 syllables per word on Twitter

Simplicity is not the key to re-tweeting. If your website has a higher readability level and uses more syllables per word, it is more likely to get retweets.

Most re-tweets contain 1.62 syllables per word on Twitter. While most tweets contain 1.58 syllables per word. So don't try to simplify things. Don't be afraid to sound smart.

People follow hashtags on Twitter

Yes, people follow people, but they also follow hashtags on Twitter. Just look at the area of the trending section on Twitter or, better yet, check Trendistic to see which hashtags are being used right now.

Did you know that 1% to 2% of tweets on Twitter include hashtags? It may not sound like much, but with over 200 million tweets a day, 2 to 4 million of them contain hashtags.

Therefore, if you can take advantage of popular hashtags, your tweets will be more likely to be seen by others, causing more retweets.


Getting re-tweets is not an art, it is a science. If you take advantage of the information above, you will maximize the number of retweets you receive. Give it a spin. Try just a few of the tips above and you'll start to see more retweets. Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about network management then do not hesitate to take a course or diploma in Social Media Ads.