The launch cadence was also mentioned, together with Hilmar talking finding the right balance between releasing all at once versus piece meal,"The way we have been handling the upgrades, I often explain it like as if you had been a sausage mill. You want to EVE Echoes ISK make sausages, put them in a bunch, package them together, and here's a pack of sausages. But we are sort of just releasing one long sausage which has no break in it and no one wants that. Our updates are so supply pushed, what gets delivered from the dev group is just released in one flow."

EVE Online Player Nabs $60,000 Worth in Things

Well, it looks like one player in EVE Online has nabbed over $60,000 worth of things.

Going by the name Sulley, this wasn't some easy work. According to PC Gamer, Sulley spent a complete month organizing a"marauding marathon" which involved the destruction of 32 player-owned stations. These channels were nested in Hisec.Many of those stations had several items of Cheap EVE Mobile ISK significance, as is to be anticipated. This station was owned by players called Future Tech Industries. Apparently, this led the crew to a historic loot of 4 trillion ISK values in items. This converts to roughly $60,000.