Moleskine style notebook is good but too expensive. Are there similar brands in China? (Note that there are few books with the same price as Moleskine in China, unless the standard is lowered by one level. Suppose the subject is not interested in Moleskine's cultural heritage, but feels that it performs well in all aspects.)

So, I found a few key words: Similar design styles do not have to be the same, but the design level is similar, the quality and craftsmanship are similar, and the style is not limited (if the styles are all the same, I can’t find a few) The price/performance ratio of the expensive book must be higher than that of Moleskine. When selecting brands in China, I will exclude brands such as MUJI and KOKUYO that are relatively good abroad.

In order to show the various aspects of the notebook more intuitively, this article will use the method of star rating to evaluate the notebook based on direct observation, trial by assessors, and tool measurement.

To know the specific evaluation results, please click the link below: seawind stationery.