Jessica mentions that even in her brief time working with CCP she's noticed the shift in coverage has actually helped the team - and EVE Echoes ISK as a whole.

"From what I could see, in my short time here, it's actually helping a number of individuals in the provider already. From what I can tell, there have been a great deal of people inside CCP who've played EVE for a lengthy time. But there is no way for your community to find that because it had been so secretive. And I think now that that's changed, it's opened up a whole bunch of new playstyles. It's allowing a number of developers to get a better idea about what's happening within the major EVE communities that they weren't able to get before. And I think, even only over these last few months, that's really made a very positive impact on development of this game."

Overall, it honestly feels as though the neighborhood team is at a leading location to create a difference in EVE, even compared to Buy EVE Mobile ISK even just annually. Kamil cites that while Svienni and Paul will always be important fixtures in the area, the team is in a fantastic place today and looks forward to what the future holds for the three of these.