Childhood holiday - what a great reason to spend time with your family and pay attention to your beloved children! There are many options for how you can celebrate Children's Day in an interesting, educational, and most importantly, fun way. What is not offered to modern tomboy - bake goodies with a real chef, try yourself in the role of a scientist or meet the heroes of your favorite cartoons and games. Parents can only choose what will be most relevant to their child. So, we present to your attention the 10 most interesting ideas for an exciting Children's Day.


What could be more fun than doing miracles? Take the children to a multi-studio for a holiday, where a real cartoonist will work with them. Kids will be delighted that cartoons can be created with their own hands. Beginning Disney will be asked to come up with characters, draw or build them from scrap materials. Then, under the guidance of the master, the children will shoot scenes with their characters using special equipment, and voila - in a couple of hours your own cartoon is ready.


Cooking delicious and beautiful dishes is a real creative process that can be easily introduced to a child. Cooking classes for children under the guidance of a professional chef have been very popular lately. It is not surprising - after all, cooking together your favorite dishes is actually a great way to keep the kids busy and entertained on a holiday. Cooking classes provide many useful skills. And ready-made goodies can be tasted all together at the festive table.

3. NOW SAY: 

A win-win idea for a children's holiday is to invite a magician or a clown to visit. A professional illusionist will bring a lot of pleasure to children with his performances. Thanks to various images, tricks, performances, and jokes, a magician and a clown will be able to entertain children. It does not matter how many days old they are. All age group children love magic,. A good mood at a family celebration will arise like a rabbit out of a hat because magic is closer than you think.


Mysterious quests with interesting tasks are loved not only by adults but also by children. The children's company will enthusiastically solve riddles in an atmospheric setting. Children of all ages are happy to transform into spies, detectives, and Comanche Indians. The advantage of quests is that they can be done anywhere, indoors, in a city, or outdoors in good summer weather. They allow you to satisfy the need of children for physical activity and at the same time develop their logical thinking, and teach them to cooperate. And all this happens unobtrusively - in a playful way.