With 62 levels of Fishing, player can catch one of the most popular consumables available in RuneScape. Monkfish can be Cheap OSRS Gold caught by using tiny fishing nets found in Piscatoris fish colony. The best method for getting there is by using Fairy Rings (code AKQ). Because this fish is used in cooking classes by many and as a fuel for fights , it's selling quickly in the Grand Exchange and is very profitable. It also is great in terms of the amount of experience it can provide per hour, especially at higher levels. There is one drawback It is that the completion of Swan Song quest is required to fish there.

They can be found in a fishing club, Jatizso, and Catherby. To catch Raw Shark all you need is the harpoon. While they're slower to catch and don't seem to be as profitable as monkfish are, they can provide a pleasant alternative to those who are bored by other locations.

These fish can be really attractive in terms of the earnings, but what they're lacking is the sense of accomplishment gained from the catch. They're not as easy to catch and don't have enough rewards to be worth leveling on. You can locate them in Piscarilius House Fishing Spot if you have 100% favor. You will need a small fishing rod, sandworms and a fishing rod to start fishing.

Catching those can be nice in terms of money-making and getting level. If you're looking for a consistent method that provides you with two Minnows, this is the method for you. You can catch those from the 82 level of fishing with the fishing net that is small. The only downside is that you have to wear a all of the Angler Outfit to catch them.

Similar similar to Minnows like Minnows, Dark crabs are pretty good money maker with good returns in terms of experience. There is also a downside that these fish are only caught in the Wilderness with Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold a high risk. If you are looking for a method like Minnows but without the Angler outfit, this method may be just for you.