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If you polled the great majority of EVE Online players on the first day of 2019 asking them whether or not they would anticipate an almost entirely new community group within a year, more often than they probably would not have believed it possible. However, that is almost exactly what happened.

Flash forward to April 2020 along with the team that communicates most with the capsuleers that make up New Eden looks nearly completely different.

It's incredibly interesting to see that this occur as well, as it seems EVE Online is experiencing something of a rebirth. Development is happening at a faster clip, with the development team capable to experiment with a few of the updates they release, as CCP Burger told us in an interview last week. So with this rebirth we can observe that mirrored from the community team which interacts with and also works with the community to create EVE Online a much better match.

Each member brings their own desktop to the table, with Dan being heavily involved in a couple of different aspects of EVE Echoes ISK For Sale before settling to his role at CCP.