The main thing to realize is two distinct events are moving on. There is the scourge invasion and the questline, which takes gamers to wow classic gold Icecrown and sends gamers on a goose hunt for Nathanos. Then there is the zombie infestation, which adds just a bit of a PvP aspect for everything. It is not surprising a few people would want to get involved in the very first event but not the second, as not everyone enjoys PvP or having their class and race abilities removed and replaced by additional skills. Blizzard could make the infestation only active for one of the weeks of the invasion, however, that's no fun for anyone who misses that week and would want to participate. An infestation is essentially a PvP event , so being able to opt-in with Warmode makes sense. Even doing something at which for most of the invasion, players had to opt in the infestation by choosing Warmode, but at the previous week, even until Shadowlands droppedthe infestation would affect everyone, would most likely be the best solution.

Nked to The Nighttime Fae Covenant and seems for people that have a connection to nature. The Night Fae retrieve Anima from deadly spirits and seem to infuse slumbering spirits and gain.

Revendreth is host to the Venthyr Covenant and hunt for those spirits who lived a life of sin. They sit in judgement to find out whether they're worthy of redemption at the Shadowlands.Maldraxxus is dominated by buy classic wow gold the Necrolords Covenant and seek out battle-hardened spirits and those who were powerful in existence.