In Delirium Everywhere, almost every map in battles and endgames is permanently shrouded in Delirium Fog. The Delirium level of each map ranges from 1-100%, and the effect is the same as the standard game mode. To avoid spam refreshing, the percentage of Delirium in each area will always be the same. In addition, Mirrors of Delirium will not be generated during the event, and the Delirium map will cover the special rules of the event.

The standard, hardcore, standard solo and hardcore solo versions of Delirium Everywhere are all available. When the event ends, the characters and items from Delirium Everywhere will not be transferred to its parent league. Players can earn Chaos Orb by completing tasks in the Delirium Everywhere event

The top five players in each game's promotion class will get a Demigod’s Authority legendary one-handed sword. Like some other demigod items in the game, this sword will increase the size of the player's character. This effect stacks with other items. If the player happens to be a dual-wielding Demigod’s Authorities, it can stack with itself.

During the event, all players who reach level 50 will get an Atlantis Mystery Box. Each box contains different items selected from two underwater themed sets: the Siren set and the Deepwater set. During this event, each account will only be rewarded with one Atlantis Mystery Box.

Players who reach a certain level threshold during the event will enter a random lottery to obtain a limited number of micro-transaction items. Each character level reaching a threshold will increase the player's chances of winning POE Currency.