Developers said that for those players who are waiting for the next expansion pack of Path of Exile, they may have to wait longer. Patch 3.17, originally scheduled to be released in the third week of January, was delayed for at least two weeks and is now expected to be released in early February.

According to forum posts, the reason for the delay was that the superiors decided to give their employees some time to celebrate the New Zealand summer vacation so that they could be fully charged in the new year. In addition, the experimental game mode with the tentative name "Hard Mode" should have been tested before patch 3.17 was released. However, for the time being, it is now planned to launch after the aforementioned update is released.

On the positive side, if players still have something to do in Scourge league, then they can use the extra time to do these things. The first thing to bear the brunt is that players can collect sufficient POE Chaos Orb in advance. Maybe they can use the extra weeks to acquire the equipment they have wanted since the beginning of the current league.

Although the developers have been very frank about their plans for the first quarter of 2022, fans seem to want them to communicate more deeply, including adding story content so that players can better obtain POE Currency. Some players believe that four of the five leagues launched by GGG in the past year have not met the standards. They explained that the balance of this game has always been poor, and they want developers to stay alert.