For fashion, 360 wigs and Headband Wigs have been welcomed by many young women. These two wigs have their own advantages and disadvantages. When women don't know purcase which kind of wig, this guide hopes to answer your questions.


360 Lace Wig: combined with the front of the lace, means you can enjoy very natural appearance through this hair block. 360 lace wigs has the thinnest lace in the market, and the lace surrounds the first week of the head to make it supernatural, almost let you believe 360 Lace Frontal Wig is your own original hair.


Headband wig: Headband wig is a wig made from a special headband. The headband can be a functional or decorative hair accessory. Most headband wigs have some elastic bands so they can fit different sizes, manufacturers use a smartly placed strap or internal comb to allow wigs to be safely fixed. There are currently many headbands available, which are made of many different materials.


Which is better? Depending on its own lifestyle - can wear the head with a wig, prevent sweat from entering the eyes. The 360 wig is not suitable for worrying while exercise, because the intense exercise may make the adhesive fail, wigs, to fall from the head.


For those who need to cover their hair, don't want to be seen, 360 lace's wig will bring you the best experience. If you want the most natural hair, the 360 wig must be a good choice.


The headband wig can be decorative or practical, it is very suitable for family women to wear this wig at home. If you have sufficient budget, choose 360 lace wigs is also perfect. 360 wigs is from the previous to the lace, usually not suitable for beginners.And the headband wig can be removed at any time, and only use very small strength can be taken off.