Point guards, but more crucially, shooting guards small and 2k22 mt power forwards, should be wearing at least the Clamps badge. Clamps was, in my opinion, the best badge featured in NBA 2K21 and it's returning for 2K22. Clamps improves holders' capability to remain within the ball's handler on the outside.

Clamp holders have access to quicker cut moves , and have greater success when they bump the ball handler. This badge is essential if you want any chance of stopping sharp-shooting guards or forwards with a tendency for launching mid-range shots. It allows you to stay in front, and give you an increased chance of getting your hands in front and preventing taking a shot that is clean.

A majority of players are eligible to use this badge, but big men, especially, may be eligible to wear the badge. Players who are in a match with those who wear the Intimidator badge will have lesser success rates when trying to hit a shot in a contest. Contesting shots is key to making sure that baskets are not made, but an extra boost can certainly be useful. Consider incorporating this badge into your game if you can.

Post Lockdown is yet another badge big men will need in NBA 2K22. This badge helps defenders improve their ability to block post-moves and backdowns. Power forwards and centers require a lot of assistance when playing defense, so this badge must be to consider adding to your list. It is useful if you be matched with someone those who enjoy post-moves.

It's the most important badge you can have if you're massive. Rebound Chaser will increase the ability of the wearer to identify rebounding opportunities from further distances. For most of buy Nba 2k22 Mt the time gives the player an advantage in rebounding over the players who do not.