Some people usually do hairstyles like to use adhesives or glue to install T Part Wig. These substances must be completely rinsed with residual collaps when cleaning, if you use these glue for long time, they will cause damage to the hair network, shortened The service life of the block is therefore learned how to remove glue is what we need to pay attention.


Why women like to use glue to install T Part Lace Wig

There are many ways to wear on the market. Some people like directly stick to double-sided adhesive. Some people like small clips, and some people like to cooperate with them. In these wearing methods, the most effective and safe wear method is of course rubber or adhesives, it can make sure that your Transparent Lace Wig will not move in the wear, you can also ensure the wearing and picking of wigs It will not be damaged during the process.


If you have a bald, you want to wear a wig for a long time, the way to use the viscose will be a very perfect choice. More than 80% of the wig users have chosen the way of wig glue, because the adhesive is very cost-effective, and Easy to wear, the adhesive wear is better, it can provide very realistic appearance, easy to pick, easy to get


Of course, some people's scalp will be sensitive, so before using the adhesive mode, it is best to consult a professionally to see if they can use this way.


How to remove the glue on T lace wig

Before wearing a wig, make sure to perform an allergic test to prevent adverse allergic reactions, then how to remove these colloids after viscosity?


Use alcohol

Use alcohol to remove the most common practice when glue, tap alcohol in the edge of the hair system with cotton balls. Then, wear the bath cap and keep standing for 5-7 minutes. Then try to remove the lace. Keep in mind that if you find that your device is not easy to fall off, try continuing to use alcohol to help improve the fake until it falls off, so as not to pull.


Finally, cleaning the wig, ensuring that the wig has no wig glue leave.